Calzificio Nonni Faenza



The production ranges from classic articles in the various yarns to fashion products. The fleet is comprehensive and updated technology, a key prerequisite for ensuring the production of innovative and high fashion.




Currently operating 180 machines, with an annual production of 15,000,000 pairs of pantyhose and / or socks.
The machines are the number Lonati L01 evolution for the production of more sophisticated designs and the opportunity to work directly with colored yarn woven into a maximum of 4 colors, Lonati 400 series and the series for all Matex HF4.7 Articles in general fashion, the series Lonati two fall in the production of pantyhose heel decreased car series Lonati 301 GE program with tensioners for KTF sized constrictions, indispensable for the production of pantyhose and restraining health.

To ensure a prompt response to customer demands in terms research proposal and fashion production management is supported from CAD / CAM programs specific to our company aimed at optimizing quality standards and appropriate management of deliveries to customers.
Logistics is based in our factory in Faenza that spread in 15,000 square meters covered.

The yarns used in production are all bought by Italian companies and spinning.

All stages of processing, such as dyeing, ironing and finishing, are conducted in full compliance with environmental and related certification course on health, quality and safety required by Italian and European legislation.